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Connect to your Higher Self - in person or online
After many years of experience in hypnosis, Jane has developed an amazing new technique

Talking to the Higher Self​: deep meditation session

This is a one-on-one guided deep relaxation technique that allows you to connect to your Higher Self or the 'true you' in a very safe and easy manner. You can ask questions about the past, present and future and your Higher Self will give you guidance. The Higher Self will help you solve problems and help you with any area of your life.

The Higher Self knows everything about you. It is always with you. It has a record of everything that has ever happened to you. It can tell you the cause of different problems and how to help you solve issues of concern. It is very willing to assist you with anything in your life. When connecting to your Higher Self it can feel like speaking with an old friend who is very wise and loving.

In this session Jane guides you to connect with your Higher Self and asks questions on your behalf.  You can ask anything you want. You can also ask for assistance to move forward to improve any area of your life. Being quicker than a typical hypnosis session this session is 2 - 3 hours in length and is powerful and can bring about amazing changes. Healing is also possible.

Most people who come for a session are wanting to make a change in their lives in some way. Apart from getting answers and guidance from your Higher Self, Jane also explains 'The Formula' for getting help from your Higher Self whenever you want it. This is a simple and easy formula that gives amazing results even for those who feel they have never connected to their Higher Self or for those who feel they can't connect to their Higher Self. It is a 'Do It Yourself Plan' to move forward after your session and put your changes into 'action'. It helps you live your daily life with your Higher Self guiding you just like a best friend.

What happens in a Session?

During the session you will be lying down and will feel relaxed and comfortable. Each person is different so you may see imagery where you describe what you are seeing. Or you may have a 'knowing' as to what the answer is. The words may just start flowing from your mouth. Jane asks your questions on your behalf as your subconscious guides the session to give you the answers. You give feedback as to what you are seeing or feeling. You won't be asked to do anything you don't want to do. You are in control of the session. 

Is healing possible?

Yes, people can be healed. Actually our bodies were designed to have no aches or pains. No disease or sickness. So usually when a person is sick there is a reason for it. It is a message coming from their body. During this session we access the part of you, the Subconscious, that knows the cause of the dis-ease. And it will explain the cause. It will also give you powerful messages as to how to heal the problem. The healing process is about being open to it and ready to accept advice from your Subconscious. It can involve your participation, and possibly the need to take action somewhere in your life to affect the change you really want. The process is different for everyone but amazing results are available to everyone. All healing is self-healing.

Will I be awake during the session?

Many people assume that with deep relaxation or hypnosis they will be completely unconscious or 'out' during the session. This is very rare. You are normally aware of what is happening. Connecting with your higher self is usually a very pleasurable experience and people often don't want it to end!

Will I remember my session?

It is different for different people but you usually have a memory of some and sometimes all your session. It is rare not to remember anything. It is similar to waking up from a dream. When you wake up you remember most of it but as time passes you forget what happened. So for this reason Jane makes an audio recording of your session so you can get more benefit when you listen to it again. It will remind you of the powerful messages from your subconscious and that will activate your thinking and your physical body to help bring about the changes and healing you want. Listening to the session recording as many times as you can after the session is highly recommended to help solidify the changes you want.

What can a 'Talking to the Higher Self' Session help with?

- identify and remove any blocks to happiness or trauma

- show you how to move forward and live the life you really want

- how to change old patterns

- assist with financial issues

- gives guidance about life direction and purpose.

- find the cause and answers to health issues

- help with your heart's desire.

- give you the formula to manifestation

Will it be just as powerful online?

Simply put, yes. The distance, where ever you are on the planet, does not make any difference to the affect or outcome of this session. Clients have had amazing results both online and in-person. Clients have felt amazing energies even though they are on the other side of the planet.

​The session is done via ZOOM meetings. All you need is a stable internet connection and a quiet room with a bed. When you book your session you will receive a link and password to connect at the time of your appointment.

Extra Information

* This session can be done in-person or online. Doing a session remotely or online can be just as powerful as in person. Amazing changes have occurred for overseas online clients, both during the session and after the session.

* There is no age limit for this session. Children can safely participate in this session.

* This technique cannot be done on people with hearing difficulties, speaking difficulties and schizophrenia. Please contact us if you have any questions.


This is a one-on-one session and anything said in this session is totally private.

​How this technique evolved

Jane first began hypnosis in 2013 when she studied with Dolores Cannon, the creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). QHHT is an amazing technique that allows the client to connect with their higher self or 'Subconscious', as Dolores called it. Just as Dolores had found, Jane also found common messages coming through from the higher self after conducting hundreds of sessions. One of those messages was 'You don't have to go into deep hypnosis to connect to your higher self. It can be done anytime of the day very easily'.


Over a few sessions, the higher self instructed Jane in the steps that allow people to connect very easily and quickly through relaxation. The results were amazing. Jane found a quick and easy formula where the Higher Self comes through and gives guidance and healing if needed, to the client.

This session is safe, simple, easy and takes 2 to 3 hours including the pre-session and post-session talk.

​For more information on how to 'prepare for your session' please see this page.

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