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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy?

What is QHHT?
This regressive hypnosis method was pioneered by Dolores Cannon during her career which spanned over 45 years. It is a technique that enables you to access your inner self. Dolores called it the person's 'Subconscious', 'Higher Self' or the 'real you.' It is very wise and loving. This part of you is always with you, because it IS you. It has the record of everything that has ever happened to you. It is a tremendous power in constant action just below the surface, just like the part of the iceberg underwater and unseen. If this part is accessed, it is very knowledgable and powerful and can make wonderful changes to our lives. 
The changes can also occur on the physical level transmutting discomforts in the body, healing and bringing about relief to physical disharmony, or 'dis-ease'. The subconscious can effect amazing changes if we just tune into it and work with it. It can change our thought patterns, it can change the cells in our body and yes,  amazing things can happen.

Once in the state of hypnosis, after connection to the subconscious is established, interesting changes occur in the client and in the surrounding environment. The most noticeable change is a dramatic increase in the energy level of the room.
Those who have experienced this state describe it as an overwhelming sense of exhilaration, in a higher dimension whilst feeling a great sense of well-being and calm that completely moves them. Anyone in the room during the session experiences this enormous power and incredible love, without exception.


About Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Things to prepare before your QHHT session

In order to prepare for your QHHT session to as much as possible out of it please see the check list on this page: 

​A QHHT session in progress.

Why have a QHHT session?

People come for a session for different reasons.  Some are looking for answers to emotional or relationship problems at home or work. Some are unhappy with their pesent situation and want change. Some people want to know what their life purpose is and want guidance to finding the right path moving forward into the future. Some people have questions about mysterious parts of their lives. Anything can be asked. We all have the ability to go deep within and find out the answers to our own questions. But during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session it provides a powerful environment where it is much easier to access the part of yourself that has the answers and to get the help you are wanting.

What happens in a QHHT Session?

  • Find out about any blocks to happiness you might have and how to remove them

  • Uncover and eliminate recurring negative patterns to help empower you to break free

  • Find out how you might be sabotaging yourself and how to end it

  • Find the cause and answers to heal your health issues, if appropriate

  • Identify and release past trauma

  • Get advice and clarity on any question you might have including work, relationships, the future

  • Ask about and get guidance on your life direction and life purpose

  • You have the desire to move forward but are not sure how to? Ask your subconscious for advice.

  • Have a dialogue with your Higher Self to create a more positive life

What happens when you connect with the Subconscious?

During a QHHT® session you are able to contact your subconscious. This is the part that knows everything about you. It has the record of everything that has ever happened to you down to the tiniest level. Every face you've seen, everything you've ever eaten, tasted, touched or smelled, the whole history of your health and disease your subconscious is aware of and remembers it all in the finest detail. The subconscious mind is extremely intelligent and powerful and can help us to make changes in our lives.
On the other hand, the conscious mind is the part that is active while we are awake. It thinks it knows everything but it actually only knows a small part of us. It is like the tip of the iceberg. Just poking out of the ocean. And the subconscious is the rest of the iceberg hidden under the water, an immense intelligence, just waiting to be accessed.

Is healing possible?

Yes, people can be healed. Actually our bodies were designed to have no aches or pains. No diseases or sickness. So usually when a person is sick there is a reason for it. It is a message coming from their body. It is usually from something they are doing or not doing correctly or a negative thought pattern that is causing their discomfort. During a QHHT® session we access the part of you, the Subconscious, that knows the cause of the dis-ease. And it will explain the cause. It will also give you powerful message as to how to heal the problem. The healing process is about being open to it and ready to accept advice from your Subconscious and change certain things in your life. It involves your participation, and possibly the need to take action somewhere in your life to affect the change you really want. The process is different for everyone but amazing results are available to everyone.  And all healing is self-healing. Healing varies from person to person.

How many sessions will I need to make a change?

Usually most people only need one QHHT® session to get the insight and help they need to make the change they are wanting in their lives. But after a while some people have new questions for their higher self and may come back again for another session sometime in the future. But it is first very beneficial to listen to your session recording again to help stimulate change.

What happens after the session?

Once the shift happens in your Mind, you are starting off on your new path. Healing of the mind, the soul and the body. You are the master of your life. And with this you find yourself experiencing a "miracle". And KNOW that your Own Thoughts can perform Miracles.



What you say before, during and after your session is kept private. Details of your session will not be shared in any way without your permission. You may share details of your session with others at your own discretion.

How long is a session?

The total time for a typical QHHT session will be up to 4 - 6 hours, sometimes longer depending on the individual's needs. It is recommended to come on a day where you have no other engagements.

The Session Flow
  1. Interview
    When you arrive we start with an interview. This is to find out about you and your life so I know what questions to ask. You also tell me what it is that you want to know and find solutions to. These things may be related to life in general or physical problems that you want to heal. Depending on the individual, the interview can take up to 2 hours or more.

  2. Session
    After the interview we start the session. The first part of the session concentrates on the links to finding the answers to your questions. Your subconscious will guide you to events in the past, or places that give you the key to your questions. As this is a regressive technique you may see something from the past or a past life. Your subconscious will always take you to the most appropriate place and time so that you can best understand the connection to your questions and get the answers.
    The second part of the session is where we access your Subconscious. Here we ask for the answers to your questions and problems and for regeneration of the physical body. THIS IS an exciting part of the session. This is where things change. Where your subconscious helps you and works with what you want to change, heal or feel better about. It can be truely magical! Again, all healing is self-healing, I am only the facilitator.

3. After the session

We will have a short discusssion to review your session before you leave to begin your new life.


'Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique' helps to open your heart and mind to new possibilities. It helps you to find out exactly what you need to focus on in this life through self growth while moving towards a positive new future!

QHHT Session Price

Session Price: ¥45,000 (Including sales tax)

Please Note: From April 1st, 2023 there will be a price increase to ¥55,000 (Including sales tax)

※This includes a digital audio copy of your session.

Many people have shared their experiences with QHHT.

Heading 6

I had often heard that you learn about your past lives during a QHHT session.

But with Jane's session is all about the words that come out of your own mouth during hypnosis. Also the tone of the voice and the way of speaking are completely different depending on who you were in your previous life.

53 Y.O.  Female, Chiba, Japan



This was my first time for past life regression. I was a bit nervous to being with but then I was able to relax and connect to my subconscious self.

​46 Y.O. Male, Tokyo, Japan

I had excema and through this session I found that it was caused by trauma that happened in a past life. I have also had an anxious, uneasiness in my heart for many years. During the session I was able to release that uneasiness and my mind and body are so much lighter now!


40's Y.O. Male, Tokyo, Japan


I had some awareness during the session but when Jane asked questions amazingly, my mouth started moving all by itself and I was really able to comprehend how deep the subconscious knows everything.

​40's Male, Tokyo



I am really so pleased to have met Jane and had such a great session. I would like to meet her again soon!

Thank-you so much!

30's Y.O. Female, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan

Thank-you so much for a wonderful session recently. It was really fun!

Jane gave valuable information and guidance before and after the session. During the hypnosis part of the session, I felt the words, the questions, the expanding of one's self, the subconscious and conscious mind are all one.


30's Female, Kanagawa, Japan


I found out what I need to do (to move forward in my life) and now I will do it. I feel relieved as if I am being protected by someone now. I want to believe in myself and live life as my true self!


30's Y.O. Female, Tokyo, Japan

This was the first time I had a session, and it was the best change I've ever had. A pure experience, no interference from anyone else's filter unlike any other healing or reading!

From a vast number of past and future lives, my subconscious showed me I what I needed most now in the present. The deepest part of my heart had been closed since becoming an adult and (through the session) was opened again to (real) honest self. It was a miracle!

I found QHHT to be a wonderful session where more powerful changes occur than in any other healing or reading I've ever had.

Thank you Jane very much!

40's Female, Yokohama

It was strange to see something (whilst in hypnosis). I was so surprised at my overflowing tears that didn't stop. As it was my first time, I couldn't say (at what point) when I went into the hypnotic state but I had lots of revelations that really calmed my mind. I'm really glad I did the session.


49 Y.O. Female, Chiba, Japan

I feel that my body and mind have been gently detoxed. It feels like things that were tangled and clogged are now flowing clearly.

Above all, things I have been feeling uneasy about for a long time have been resolved, and I feel really refreshed. I am very happy that I was able to experience a QHHT session. Jane's mind, voice, calm energy and vibration were soothing and very healing.

30's Female, Yokohama, Japan

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