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Advanced Healing Technology


Are you ready to transform?


About me

​Jane Ishii


Hypnosis Practitioner  

  QHHT Level 3 Practitioner

  Teaching Ambassador

Bioresonance Pracititioner since 2009

Health Coach since 2009

​Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 2005

Jane began her interest in natural health during her teens when looking for a solution to her own health problems. She realised there were safe, non-invasive and effective alternative methods to heal the body other than mainstream western medicine.  

At age 17, and still in high school. Jane learnt the basics of massage when she did work experience with a local massage therapist. At the same time to relieve stress from high school final exams she began practicing yoga.

Jane later on found through hypnosis and by accessing the subconscious mind limiting thought patterns and behaviours can be changed. This can bring life changing transformation and a renewed joy for life.

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Jane's method is a solution focused approach tailored to your needs.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Jane below.

Way of lifeconnecting to your higher self


when there is an unknown cause of dis-ease


​turn around your life・purpose・work・



past・future・Cosmic spheres


manifesting your dreams


Main Services


We use devices called "Vicom" and "Indiva" that use the principle called bioresonance of Germany's Regumed. We deal with mental and physical problems, from children to adults. It is also recommended for animals. Remote treatment is also possible.


QHHT Hypnosis

It is a regressive hypnosis called "QHHT" established by Dolores Cannon. You can contact the higher self, which is collectively called the subconscious, and receive a message in your own voice. Individual and group sessions are available.


Health Coach

We offer consultations for individuals, corporations, and medical institutions, from lectures on how to use Vicom to seminars on health sciences. Remote meetings are also possible. Please feel free to contact us for any content.


It is an experience story. It has been used by many people since the service started in 2009.

While the comfort continued after the end, I looked back on what the subconscious mind taught me and made various discoveries.

KS Yokohama

What is the theme of this world? It was a great opportunity to face myself.

MK Yokohama

I knew that Vicom would make me feel better, but I was surprised that my trauma would heal.

YM Yokohama

I have no symptoms of hay fever this year, I have no cough, and I am very comfortable. Thank you very much!

MA Yokohama

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