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Hi, I am Jane


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I have a strong belief that when the body, heart and mind are given the right conditions, the body has an amazing capacity to return to an optimal state of health. It's my aim to give people a choice to help ease stresses and create an environment that the body can recover and regenerate naturally back to full health. 

​​My Story


Jane began her interest in natural health during her teens when looking for a solution to her own health problems. She realised there were safe, non-invasive and effective alternative methods to heal the body other than mainstream western medicine. 


At age 17, and still in high school. Jane learnt the basics of massage when she did work experience with a local massage therapist. At the same time to relieve stress from high school final exams she began practicing yoga.

In 1985, with a great enthusiasm of healing the world, Jane studied Naturopathy at the first school for Naturopathy in Australia, the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. There she began her studies in Bachelor of Naturopathy. Then in 1991 after traveling the world she met and married a Japanese man and settled in Japan.


She continued her passion for natural medicine traveling and studying various methods of healing whilst practicing and testing the methods on herself and her family. During this time Jane renewed her love for yoga and began studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga daily. With the mind/body connection yoga brings it enhanced Jane already strong passion toward health and healing. In 2005 Jane became a qualified yoga instructor and began teaching classes in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Whilst teaching yoga Jane continued her natural therapy studies traveling to Australia, California, Mexico and Germany studying new and then relatively unheard of methods of healing. As Europe has some amazing natural healing methods Jane went to Germany in 2009 and found 'Bicom', a German made bioresonance technology used for human medicine, including dentistry and also veterinary medicine. 

Jane realised the importance of the Bicom's healing capabilities and brought a Bicom device back to Japan with her. She then studied bioresonance with Dr Andrew Barry in Hobart, Australia and received a Diploma in Bioresonance in 2010.

Using natural healing methods and technologies for many years, Jane opened her office in 2009 and began offering services. To keep in touch with the latest healing techniques in bioresonance Jane participates in the annual Bicom Congress and other bioresonance training programs. 

She also in active in QHHT trainings and continues to conduct both hypnosis and bioresonance sessions in her office in Yokohama and Australia.


With the Corona virus and changes to travel Jane also conducts online sessions for bioresonance and a hypnosis technique she developed. Please note QHHT hypnosis sessions are not available online, only in-person.

​​Degrees & Certificates


Health Science

  • 1986 - 1989 Bachelor of Naturopathy (partial)
    Southern School of Natural Therapies / Melbourne, Australia

  • 1987 Massage, reflexology
    Southern School of Natural Therapies / Melbourne, Australia 

  • 2005 Iridology Certification
    Bernard Jensen International / California, USA

  • 2010 Diploma of Bioresonance
    Dr Andrew Barrie, Hobart, Australia (Research team: Marshall/Warren received the Nobel Prize for Medicine, 2005.

  • 2009 Internship with Clark Therapist/Naturopath - Heike Siemes Beckers, Dusseldorf, Germany 2009


  • 2011 Indiba Diploma - Tokyo

  • 2012 Bioresonance Therapy CTT (Combined Test Technique) - Dr Sabine Rauch, MD., Fulda, Germany

  • 2012 Bioresonance Systematic Seminar - Sissi Karz ND., Crete, Greece

  • 2016 Bioresonance Therapy Biophysical Therapy of Neurodermatitis - Dr Hans Schwarz MD, Fulda, Germany

  • ​2015 Basic Training - Bicom Japan Lecture series

  • Present Jane helps clients from all over the world using bioresonance and Indiba. She is also the official trainer for Bicom, Japan.

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

  • ​2013 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠, Level 1 - Dolores Cannon, Tokyo

  • 2014 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠, Level 2 - Julia Cannon, Dolores Cannon, Tokyo

  • 2015 - 2017 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique,℠ Level 3 - Julia Cannon, Melbourne, Australia, Manchester, England

  • 2017 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠, Teaching Ambassador - Brisbane, Australia  

  • Present As a QHHT Teaching Ambassador, Jane plays an active part in training new QHHT practitioners in Japan and overseas.(The QHHT program is from level 1 to level 3)Jane also is the official trainer for the Bicom bioresonance device for Japan.

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