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How to get there

For those coming by train

  • Take the Toyoko Line to Hiyoshi Station. Get off at Hiyoshi station. Walk up the stairs as you get off the train. Go out the ticket gate and turn to the left. Walk down the stairs and keep going straight down 'Chuo Dori' street. Go across the traffic light, keep walking straight ahead about 30m and go past the Family Mart on the left. Our building is on the next block opposite 'Merryland' hairdresser, on Chuo dori (street). The building is a new concrete building with big windows. The building name is 'el forty one'. The room is #301, please ring the bell. From Hiyoshi station it takes approximately 3 minutes by foot.


For those coming by car

  • For people coming by car, there is 100¥ parking on the street behind our building or alternatively you can park in the Hiyoshi Station building, Hiyoshi Tokyu Department store. The entrance to this car park is on the Hiyoshi Honcho side of the station (opposite to the Keio University side)


For those coming by plane

  • If you are coming from overseas, the closest international airport is Haneda Airport, Tokyo.
    Alternatively you can also arrive via Narita airport. 
    * From Haneda International Airport please take the Tokyu Limousine Bus to Musashikosugi Station. Here is the bus timetable: It takes about 1 hour from the airport and costs ¥920 one way (as of March, 2018). Musashikosugi Station has 2 bus stops. The closest bus stop is Musashikosugi Station East Exit.
    * From Narita International Airport please take the Narita Express train to Musashikosugi Station. It takes about 2 hours from Narita International Airport and costs ¥3,360 one way (as of March, 2018).
    For those people coming from out of town there is a business hotel, 'Richmond Hotel' at Musashikosugi Station (2 stops from Hiyoshi Station on the Toyoko line):​​. Please make a reservation before coming as it can be booked out. From Musashikosugi Station, take the Toyoko Line 2 stops to Hiyoshi Station. My office is 3 minutes walk from Hiyoshi Station. Please see above for directions from Hiyoshi Station.


1-16-15 Hiyoshihoncho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama

El Forty One #301


Tel: 080-5484-1456



By appointment only

Business days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10:00-16:00

Regular holidays: Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays, and holidays

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