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I want to quit smoking, but can't I quit?
Smoking cessation program

Everything in nature has vibrations, and the substances taken into our bodies continue to vibrate. And the memory of those substances accumulates in the body. Taking smoking cessation as an example, the vibration of nicotine accumulates in the body. Even if the smoker tries hard to stop smoking, it is difficult to stop because the information on nicotine is in the body and the information is sent to the brain while vibrating, "I want a cigarette!". Vicom can counteract this vibration of nicotine, so you can effectively deal with those desires. The program requires one 2-hour session, followed by another 60-minute session if necessary.

This is a program for those who want to quit smoking but cannot easily execute it.


State of the session

Vicom's Smoking Cessation Program

"Close Up" Bioresonance Documentary on Prime Time NZ TV

Voices of Vicom customers. "Health Vibs" BBC News 24

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