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How does it work?


About bioresonance

Here at Bicom Yokohama Healing Office we use a state of the art German made technology, which is individualized to your body’s needs, with gentle, pain-free treatment that promotes the body’s self-healing and natural balancing mechanisms.

Bioresonance with Bicom Optima can uncover the root causes of the body’s symptoms. The treatment can help to restore the body’s energetic balance, allowing it to return to its natural, healthy state. The bio resonance process is customised to each client’s needs. Bioresonance enhances the body’s detoxification pathways, so that toxins are safely eliminated from the body facilitating recovery .

Bioresonance Therapy has been at the forefront of health and healing in Europe for over 25 years with over 17,000 machines in use by doctors, dentists, naturopaths and veterinarians.

The mechanism of change
During a session you will either sit or lie fully clothed on a treatment bed/chair. Electrodes will be placed on different parts of your body to measure your body’s oscillations in response to a range of stimuli. This helps to identify the particular causes to your health issues. The data is then fed into a computer that separates the normal range oscillations from the oscillations outside the normal range. These abnormal frequencies are then inverted and fed back into your system to help cancel out the negative frequencies.
Bioresonance & Animals
What can it help with?
- allergies
- eczema
- itchiness
- hormone balance
- Issues with the gut/intestines
- Breathing issues/difficulties
- Kennel cough
- Anal itchiness, anal glandular issues
​- Post vaccine complications

​- tearing
At the Vet
Reasons for losing balance

Using the picture to the left, imagine your body as a barrel. It is empty when born. As time passes we get older and the barrel starts to fill with different substances that vibrate at their own frequencies. When the load of substances becomes too great the barrel overflows, causing abnormal flow of energy in the meridians. Then imbalance occurs and symptoms start to show. Or, in other words, the body’s frequency is overloaded by abnormal frequencies.​

The mechanism of change
In the bioresonance method we use a machine called Bicom Optima, to test an individual’s responses to a range of vibrations and frequencies from different substances. When we find a vibration that is outside ‘the norm’ we feedback that vibration or frequency in the exact reverse. This effectively eliminates problematic oscillations. Bioresonance has the effect of allowing the body to release the particular problem or issue. Once these disruptive frequencies are removed from the body, the cells are free and unhindered to function properly and restore the body to a healthy state.​
How safe is it?

Bioresonance is very natural and non-invasive. BRT does not cure an illness; it assists the body to reduce its toxins or stress load through vibration and so helps to restore ‘self-regulation’, the body's ability to heal itself. Some people can feel tired after a treatment or can develop cold or flu-like symptoms. This is a natural body response as adjustment takes place. Bioresonance is a safe and gentle therapy where the most you might feel is a slight warmth or mild tingling while you relax. Most people don’t feel anything.

As Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a non-invasive therapy making it suitable for children, babies and even sensitive people. It is also used on animals to help alleviate common health conditions without stress to the animal.



Bicom is used on a wide range of age groups and on animals for various issues.

Allergies: pollinosis

food intolerances

Mental fatigue

Depression and chronic fatigue

Stop smoking

Smoking cessation program

I want to be beautiful!

Beauty / slimming

Weight control program

Mind and body

Upset or dis-ease


Bicom impressions from clients

I knew that Bicom would help me, but I was surprised that my emotional trauma would heal.


YM Tokyo

I have no symptoms of hay fever this year and I feel very good with no coughing. I really appreciate it!


MA Yokohama

When I was a teenager, I had some emotional trauma that seemed to affect my body, so I looked to Bicom for help. During the treatment, I was surprised to be in tears. I feel refreshed and lightened now. Thank you!


YM Tokyo

* Bicom is used by many medical institutions overseas, such as in Europe.
It is not yet recognised medically in Japan.

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